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Prognosis builds a picture that says it all

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HandiCall provides dynamic customer services operations across several locations in France including Chartres, Tours, Bordeaux, Lyons and Paris.

The services it offers its clients include debt recovery, health insurance, banks, home security systems and Level-1 support for an international petrol company’s petrol cards.

With around 240 employees it’s an active AGEFIPH* participant, with over 90% of their employees people with disabilities.

* Fund Management Organisation for the Professional Integration of People with Disabilities.

The challenges

Problems on network links between locations were affecting voice quality, there was no visibility into the endpoints or the number of calls going through the PBX.

The solution

Handicall conducted a thorough review of available monitoring tools that could monitor the entire IT infrastructure including switches, routers, servers and the PBX. This led to a decision to use a network monitoring tool for the infrastructure, and Prognosis for UC specifically. CIO Frank Grorud said “We chose Prognosis because it provides real time insight into the quality of communications. ”Prognosis is an important investment for the company because we rely on it to detect any issues very quickly and understand where they’re coming from.” Prognosis provides deep insight into the state of the boards on the PBX, highlights potential issues and provides Erlang reports. Grorud added “We need to dive in deeper and learn more about Erlangs, because this will give us insight into volumes and help with client reporting.” If you’re not familiar with Erlangs, they’re traffic measurements made to help telecommunications network designers understand traffic patterns within voice networks. This is essential if they’re to successfully design their network topology and establish the necessary trunk group sizes.

Automating the big picture

One of the biggest benefits Prognosis provides is to automate presentation of the status of all telecommunications nodes. This enables the voice team to detect things that may happen and address them before they affect too many people.

Grorud adds “We aim to be more proactive; for example a Prognosis display showed us bad communications and voice quality issues. We saw the red bar increasing, one bar for every 10 seconds, and suspected something was wrong on the network. We called our provider within a couple of seconds because we knew something was wrong – all phones in all locations were impacted.”

The team at Handicall was able to give the service provider exact information within one minute about where the issue originated.

This meant the provider could investigate more quickly on its side. It saw there was an issue with the fibre channel to the main location. Pinpointing the location meant it could be fixed within 10 minutes.

Prognosis vastly improved the identification and resolution time because the service provider didn’t have to be told by multiple people there was a problem and then try and build the picture from everyone who called.

Going forward virtualisation and high availability projects are planned extending to external data centers in the cloud and incorporating Office 365, SharePoint, Project, salesforce and Skype for Business.

Evolution and innovation provide exciting opportunities to capitalise on the Handicall team’s knowledge and expand what it can manage with Prognosis.

“We chose Prognosis because it provides real-time insight into the quality of communications.”

Frank Grorud
CIO, Handicall

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