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Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology and engineering services, with 270,000 team members in almost 50 countries. They are driven by the conviction that the value of technology comes from and through people.

Santosh Patil, Senior Manager at Capgemini, shared his thoughts on IR, our solutions and his customer experience.

The Problem

There are many challenges that come with managing a communications ecosystem that services so many users, at so many locations, while consuming several different vendors.

Capgemini had monitoring solutions in place but those systems were unable to provide a realtime picture of call and audio quality across the entire breadth of their vast environment.

They needed better visibility into their ecosystem and increased capacity to analyze the full scope of telecoms platform stability and performance, including UC, video conferencing and telephony.

The Solution

Capgemini has been using IR’s solutions since 2018. Their initial requirement was based on Skype for Business conferencing monitoring and Path Insight to better enable network path monitoring. They recently extended the scope of their requirements to cover video endpoint monitoring including integration with Pexip infrastructure.

The Benefits

Real-time troubleshooting has enabled a significantly faster time to resolution. Investigations which took between 2-3 days to determine the root-cause of a problem, now are resolved in a matter of hours with IR’s solutions.

Comprehensive monitoring across their multi-vendor ecosystem has streamlined their operations, making it easier to share data, identify where issues are occurring and escalate problems to appropriate teams for rectifying.

“With IR Collaborate we can identify which network leg was causing the issue, then we can dig down deeper into why it was causing problems – was it a configuration issue? Was it a performance issue? Was it another error that could be investigated?”

This significant improvement in efficiency has resulted in an enhanced user experience for staff.

With the greater efficiencies enabled by IR’s solutions, the Capgemini team has increased capacity to focus on higher value tasks and take their service offering to the next level. Santosh and his team are working on rolling out a VIP view, that will closely monitor call quality for top executives and utilize bots to automate corrective actions. He anticipates this top-down approach will be a “game changer for user experience” within the organization.

Customer Success

“IR has lived up to the expectations. My team now has the capability to do troubleshooting online, while calls are happening and give recommendations for immediate solutions,” Santosh said.

“I would absolutely recommend IR. Not just for the reasons outlined above, but because of the real value and commitment we’ve received from IR. You don’t treat your clients as clients – you actually team them up as your partners and take it further.”

Santosh Patil
Senior Manager, Capgemini

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