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ACI and IR: Turning payments data into opportunity

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ACI Worldwide is a global software company that delivers mission-critical real-time payments solutions to a wide array of customers in over 95 countries.

Timothy Abrahams, Senior Product Manager at ACI, shared how his team have leveraged IR’s Payments Analytics solution to help capture opportunities in their payments data and meet the ever-shifting needs of their customers’ customers.

The problem

Particularly in the merchant retail space, it’s becoming more and more critical for merchants to understand what is going on in their business and make informed decisions to stay ahead of the curve.

“Many merchants have so much data they don’t know what to do with it and can be unsure how to read or organize it. The data is often held across multiple departments, which has to be located and then pieced together,” said Timothy. “More and more, people don’t have the time to do that. They need quick answers to make the quick decisions to move forward with confidence.”

The solution

IR worked closely with ACI to develop their IR Transact Card Payments Analytics solution and build a tool to simplify the complexity of managing high volumes of transaction data.

ACI offers IR Transact’s analytics capabilities to their customers to help them gain meaningful insights in real-time, elevate customer satisfaction, and turn payments data into opportunity.

The benefit

With IR Transact’s Payments Analytics solution, ACI’s customers can get deep insight into their data, helping them along their digital transformation journey to ensure they are at the forefront of payments technology.

“Businesses can see which payment types are more popular and in demand, and from that, they can make important decisions. For example, whether they should invest more in Apple Pay vs Google pay, get more ATMs or POS, or what other payment methods they should offer to customers in different regions,” said Timothy.

Timothy and his team have found the straightforward, user-friendly dashboards hugely beneficial, which is one of the reasons they chose IR’s solution over competitors.

“Merchants don’t want complicated solutions – their data is already complex. They want simple, quick, easy to use, and easy to interpret,” said Timothy. “The drill-down function quickly allows you to see the finer details – this means you don’t waste time, money, and resource reaching out to different departments to investigate issues. Instead, you can immediately locate and escalate the problem to get it resolved quickly.”

Timothy concluded, “The relationship with IR has been very open, honest, and respectful. It’s nice to work with people who are not only technically-minded but also people who want to get to the best outcome – I would absolutely recommend working with IR.”

Timothy Abrahams
Senior Product Manager, ACI

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