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Three secrets behind a truly successful payments partnership

Jamie Pearson

Written by Jamie Pearson

This post by Jamie Pearson - Product Manager for Payments at IR, first appeared on ACI expert view.

In many ways, business partnerships can be likened to a marriage – they begin with enthusiasm and high expectations, but sometimes they can end up with bickering and an expensive divorce.

So, what is the secret behind a truly successful creative partnership? We believe you need to look no further than the IR and ACI partnership; it has not only stood the test of time, but has evolved as the world around us has changed, all while we've worked together to deliver outstanding outcomes. In the last of our video blog series from the ACI Exchange event, Darc Rasmussen(CEO,IR) and Craig Saks (EVP and Chief Product Officer, ACI) talk about the importance of a strong partnership in business and how this relationship helps deliver real value to our customers. Darc and Craig believe the three key attributes to a successful partnership are:

1. Viewing the world through a similar lens - The pace of change continues to accelerate in our industry and the demands placed on payments providers are growing every day. A partnership is required to support and deliver on these demands and changes, without compromising what the market expects - reliability, availability and uptime.

2. Finding a partner that will complement your business - When selecting partners, it's important to find the one that will bring valuable skill sets and perspectives to the table. For example, this can be a source of knowledge or experience that can be shared and relied upon during the process of creating or enhancing a solution/service. A partnership should create an environment that both partners contribute to, and learn from, the latest industry thinking.

3. Choosing a partner with solutions designed to work with your products or solutions - How well do the two partnering solutions work together? Do they increase the end user value and mitigate the market risks? Do they evolve together to accommodate market trends and customer needs? A partnership needs to provide solutions that are designed to work together, in order to deliver the level of seamless integration that is imperative to this new and changing world.

Working Together

Watch the video to hear more about what Darc and Craig believe makes a truly successful partnership.

What do you believe makes a successful business partnership? What have you seen work? And what advice would you give?

Jamie Pearson

Jamie Pearson - Product Manager, Payments, IR

Jamie Pearson manages the Payments Monitoring solutions at IR. With over 15 years of product experience, and 7 years prior experience developing and supporting payments systems, he understands the challenges faced in today's changing Payments landscape. Jamie is passionate about driving business value through greater insight into the payments ecosystem, and hopes to share the experiences of financial institutions who have discovered the value of increased insight.

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