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Real Time Visibility in Managing Alternate Payment Channels

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Bitcoin - a number guessing game

As a keen observer of the cryptocurrency craze that's happened in 2017 and will likely continue in the foreseeable future, it is important to have some understanding of the internal workings of Bitcoin before considering putting your money into it. Have you ever wondered how bitcoins are created and what the rules are for doing so? Here is an...

Payments Blog • 3 MIN READ

The Future of Fintech

Rapid technological innovation presents a myriad of opportunities. But with opportunity comes a myriad of challenges. Nowhere is this more apparent...

Payments Blog • 4 MIN READ

Top 10 Payment System Alerts Financial Institutions should..

The typical financial institution has evolved over the years by adding pieces of technology as demands arise, leading to a house of cards. Making changes would likely be hazardous because you simply have no idea what could potentially break as a result. Perhaps you've recently joined a team and have been given the eventful task of maintaining or enhancing an organization that you know very little about. By focusing on these key health indicators...

Payments Blog • 14 MIN READ

The Blockchain More than Just a Ledger

The Blockchain is an innovation gaining wide spread attention in the payments & fintech world. It's often explained as being a distributed ledger, which is the "true innovation of bitcoin". This is a half-truth, by itself the 'chain of blocks' does not give rise to any benefits of a blockchain system, such as 'immutability'.

Payments Blog • 13 MIN READ

Apple Pay: 2.5 Years On - What's Changed?

As Apple Pay reaches its two and half year birthday, it's time for us to take a look at how well it's faring with both users and the payments industry as a whole. When it made its U.S. launch in October 2014, it reached a level of success that garnered widespread attention. You can't argue with the numbers: 2 million locations, 1,000 banks, and 5 million registered users. Perhaps it hasn't been quite as successful in all different regions like...

Payments Blog • 3 MIN READ

Is SEPA's Initiative for Instant Payments a Disruptive..

The Single Euro Payments Area has historically been a method of transferring payments between countries that use the Euro. Now it's attempting to evolve with a new initiative called 'instant payments'. As the name implies, it's a way of transferring funds almost immediately. For example, let's say that I wanted to send you some money. After initiating a transaction, the funds would appear in your account within a matter of seconds. This kind of...

Payments Blog • 3 MIN READ

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Monitoring Payments in High Volume Environments

Scale is probably the biggest challenge that banks face when monitoring payments in a high volume environment. The typical bank has a large number of payment applications. Payments can come from ATM transactions, store purchases, or direct deposits for payroll. When an employer generates payroll, a batch file of transactions comes through to be paid into several accounts. As they flow through the system, they might have to go through multiple...

Payments Blog • 3 MIN READ

Could the digital card save your wallet?

Hands up anyone whose wallet or purse, is straining to contain the ever increasing number of cards we struggle to carry around? For all the advances in FinTech, we are still left with a multitude of cards to carry. Well, strain no longer, because digital cards are seeking to solve this problem by consolidating all your credit cards into a single physical card.

Payments Blog • 4 MIN READ

Minimizing Fraud with Real-time Payments

As payments processing continues to move toward real-time settlement, what does this mean for fraud prevention? Do the smaller approval windows mean the attack surface for fraudsters grows? And how can processors tackle this challenge? We discuss this, and more, in the latest FinTech Podcast with John Dunne.

Payments Blog • 5 MIN READ

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