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Cisco Unified Communications Monitoring with Third-Party Tools

Dave Murphy

Written by Dave Murphy

Technology is evolving fast, and Unified Communication (UC), backed by communications monitoring not only empowers organisations to universally connect, but it’s directly related to your organization's bottom line.

Out-of-the-box vs third-party monitoring tools

Cisco is probably the most widely known, reliable and trusted vendor worldwide for unified communications systems and technologies. But no matter what vendor you use, or how many endpoints you have, monitoring and troubleshooting provides support for your UC environment, and it is absolutely vital.

Here, we’ll look at the benefits of third-party monitoring tools, like Prognosis for UC and Prognosis for UC (SP Edition) versus out-of-the-box monitoring tools.

All vendors offer customers and service providers specific troubleshooting and monitoring tools for their own products, systems, and equipment. However, these tools sometimes offer only limited insights, and a narrow view of the environment they’re deployed to monitor and manage.

What if, as an enterprise or service provider, you were using multi-vendor equipment? For example, Cisco for your network conferencing and communications, Microsoft, for Windows computing and email, or Avaya for your contact center solutions. This is where Prognosis becomes an all-in-one solution.

The benefits of CUCM third-party monitoring tools

Many UC environments can be incredibly complex. There's the network itself, consisting of video and voip components, security products, replacement hardware and other UC applications.

Unified communications monitoring and troubleshooting a multi-vendor network with first-party vendor tools would be difficult and inefficient, providing limited access to data analysis and metrics. Many individual components may be not talk to each other, preventing proper monitoring and management of your UC environment. Performance management is far more efficient with third party monitoring tools. Prognosis creates one large window through which multiple issues can be viewed and managed all at once.

But let’s assume that your organisation is using only Cisco unified communications products and services. While they do provide a stable and incredibly sturdy environment, as with any vendor, problems in your network can arise even from seemingly innocent changes. Things like the addition of new hardware, voice video, conferencing upgrades, or software updates can derail your efforts to properly monitor your communications network. Unified communications monitoring is vital for fast, real time problem solving.

You need the capability to quickly identify the root cause of any unified communications problem across your entire system. But a truly unified solution is not just about identifying the problem. Research proves that communications monitoring is also about locating the original source of the problem, and using that data to predict the likelihood of it happening in the future.

Unified communications monitoring means empowering organizations with the resources to be able to troubleshoot and fix problems across the entire UC ecosystem.

Can’t afford not to…

Many IT managers cite limited budget as a primary reason for not investing in unified communications monitoring and troubleshooting tools. But in fact these tools are vital in thwarting or shortening outages, preventing slowdowns and downtime – and curtailing related problems which translate to lost sales or reduced productivity across your unified communications ecosystem.

Communications monitoring is something you simply can't afford not to deploy. It gives you the necessary tools and resources for reporting, analytics, performance monitoring, problem resolution, root cause analysis and much more. You could think of it as buying an expensive new car, and then driving it around without insurance and roadside-assistance.

Once, it would have required multiple tools and specific unified communications expertise to gain visibility across multi-vendor ecosystems. Prognosis streamlines the processes and operations, providing a clear view through a single pane of glass, across multi-vendor environments - including Cisco, as well as other major vendor platforms - from a single, clear, proactive vantage point.

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