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9 Reasons to Register for IR Summit

IR Summit is fast approaching. In October, Prognosis users from all over the world will join together in Denver for three days of value-packed...

The Top Trend in Digital Transformation (DX)

This blog’s premise is UCC performance management (Unified Communications and Collaboration), but first, let me tell you a story.

How UCC Improves the Internal Customer Experience

In 2018 I wrote about the usefulness of unified communications and collaboration (UCC) in driving successful digital transformation (DX). Today I'm going to dip into the developing area of digital customer experience (DCX). But with a twist.

In January, Nemertes Research published a new report entitled, Solid Customer Experience Relies on Well-Managed Communications, and I wrote a blog drawing on one of that paper's main points, being UCC...

What Is UC Performance Management?

Communications platforms often form the fundamental basis of the most critical business systems. The conversation about UCC (Unified Communications & Collaboration) has long-since moved on from why it should be implemented, to how it's being implemented and how it's performance should be managed.

Driving Successful Digital Transformation with UC

Digital Transformation (DX) as a trending phrase (and actual activity) is hotter than ever before, though the late 1990's mid-2000's saw their own share of talking heads waiving the DX banner. That said, the digitization of those times was largely applied to existing analog processes, and while analog-to-digital conversions can be incredibly powerful, calling that progression truly transformational is a bit of a stretch. We predicted that 2018...

Challenges to Optimal UCC Management

Optimal unified communications and collaboration (UCC) management can be the gateway to enabling successful digital transformation. In early 2017 Nemertes Research surveyed over 700 IT leaders and found there are a number of barriers stopping companies from optimally managing their systems. Considering 70% of companies are currently undertaking digital transformation initiatives it's surprising that so many IT leaders sidestep third-party...