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A global voice presence consisting of over 50 systems and 65000 endpoints. We use Prognosis to monitor Avaya, Cisco, and VMware instances. ... Prognosis has been instrumental in our ability to proactively monitor our environment. It has been able to alert us to issues before they cause impacts ...

Aaron Oliver , Infrastructure Engineer, American Express

We use it for critical thresholds alerting and to produce before/after deltas of critical performance indicators for stress testing of our applications.

Dean Malone, Operations Support, Wells Fargo

We use Prognosis to alert us to application, system, process and hardware failures, as well as capacity issues......We also use it as a programmatic system interface to find and restart failed system processes, as well as alerts that warn us of impending potential failures or showstopper issues......

Timothy Shaffer, Application Support Analyst, Sprint

Prognosis helps me keep on top of a mountain of information that would otherwise be unimaginable.                            

Jason Okowitz, Engineer, Dimension Data

I use Prognosis in my morning checks every day. Recently we used Prognosis to isolate a voice quality issue where we ended up finding a bad Medpro board.

Karen Brosius, Senior Voice Infrastructure Engineer, Genworth Financial

My favorite feature of Prognosis is the replay feature. I can look back in time at performance issues and see what was happening when the issue started. No other product has this feature.

Sheri Radomsky, Technical Support manager, TMHP

It has helped me monitor trunk traffic. We are getting crushed with the amount of unexpected call volume. The trunk group page lets me monitor trunk utilization easily without having to go to the ASA and refreshing constantly.

Reginald Brown, Voice Analyst, Active Health

I can monitor and alert on call quality from Avaya Aura, Lync, and Polycom all from one interface. It's a real time saver.

Tony Calkins, Senior Telecommunications Engineer, Acxiom

Prognosis allows my team to view in detail and instantly react to the status of my company's entire global telephony estate.

Andrew White, Telephony Engineer, Bet 365

We use Prognosis to manage our larger customer base, from Holiday companies to utility providers. With up to data alarming and real-time displays the job has never been easier. 

Bevan Paget-Miles, Telecoms Engineer, Capita

We use the Prognosis IPTM tool to monitor our IP telephony environment across Canada. It greatly assists in being able to proactively identify any problems on the WAN and in most cases address those problems without any impact to the user community. It is a great tool and we depend on it to a great extent.

Bryan Fingland, Network & Telecom Services, Ceridian

“Prognosis acts as the “tie breaker” when different groups state “it’s not my systems issue.” We look at the tool as an agnostic trouble shooter. No politics, it just gets straight to the point and helps us get to issue resolution rapidly."

Chris Clausen, Vice President Technology, Cerium Networks

Call volume reports helping monitor trunks for capacity and also capacity planning. Also, server health is easy to see in the dashboard along with alerts.

Travis Masterson, Sr. IP Telephony Engineer, Devry Education Group

Simple way to show the health of the IT infrastructure allowing deep analysis in case of application or infrastructure issue.

Pascal Remy, Technical Domain Owner SWIFT & Tandem, Euro Clear

Prognosis has enabled monitoring across different platforms like VERINT, AVAYA, CISCO which we are using as integrated unified communication platform for our contact center.

Varun Bersain, Voice Manager, EXL Serivce

Prognosis helps us keep aware of some types of faults by quickly alerting us of system components issues that sometimes do not get reported through the native system alarming features. ... We immediately get email alerts from Prognosis, with particular details, which help us look into the issue at that time.

Jose Felix , Telecomms Technician/Analyst, GoLynx

Prognosis helps us monitor our mission critical system and become a MUST to our successful operation with strong and reliable support. 

Peter Lam, Senior System Analyst, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited

Prognosis is a great tool for quickly viewing SfB/Lync and PBX voice quality across the whole environment. It’s the only monitoring tool I'm aware of that can monitor Sonus SBC trunks for availability and voice quality in one screen. Love the mashup's option in the web view.....

Ben Jonas, Senior Advanced Engineer, Investco

As a System Administrator, Prognosis is our eyes to our Nonstop system. Without it, we would be blind. 

Raymundo Jr. Licuanan, Unit Head, I.T. Operations, Technical Support, Kuwait Network Electronic Technology

I utilize its monitoring features to check Clan boards within our gateways, I use it to determine which phones are down to assign to users.

Timothy Days, Telecommunication Analyst II, MMC

Prognosis enables us to manage & support our clients environments proactively and to pre-empt performance issues ensuring exceptional service at all times. Knowledge is power.

Gideon wilkins, Global Director - Alliance and Partner Management, NSC Global

Prognosis is the best VoIP Monitoring and diagnosis and helps us proactive with the Avaya VoIP systems. It has so many features and live data for analysis and troubleshooting. Using it for years now without any complaint.

Pradeep Sehrawat, Sr. Systems Engineer, Peterson Cat

PROGNOSIS helps us achieve high system availability using defined thresholds and analysts with the use of automated commands. It hasn't failed us so far.

Christian Salonga, Senior System Administrator, QNB

Prognosis allows us to immediately receive alarms when something goes wrong so that we can take corrective action before the end user even reports it.

Brandon Kautz, Network Engineer, Sask Power

I use my Prognosis to illustrate to the 30,000 foot group the status of their telephony enterprise in a concise and easy to digest manner.

Bob Seaton, Systems Administrator Telecom II , Spoken

Prognosis gives great unique and single visibility in doing proactive monitoring of our thousand end points. ….. The unique spots patterns gives us good control of situation and stop problems before they happen.

Senthil Kirubapuri, Infrastructure services - Business Technical Consultant, TCS

Prognosis is a major support at detecting and analysing problems. Because of that it helps us increase efficiency and improve user experience in our company.

Florian Lang, Fachinformatiker Systemintegration, Telekom

BT Logo

BT One Cloud powered by Prognosis.

Prudential Case Study - Prognosis for Unified Communications

"It's key for us to be able to look beyond the call itself so I know without doubt whether the issue is inside or outside our network."

UC CASE STUDY: How Prudential Avoided UC Outages >

Fifth Third Bank Case Study - Prognosis for Payments

"Prognosis is the last piece of the puzzle. It’s our eyes and ears." Michael Crispyn, VP IT, Fifth Third

Prognosis helps Fifth Third Processing Solutions unlock the value of its data >


We do 1.3 million card transactions authorizations per year, we need a solution that was robust, we knew, and could work with Base24-EPS Fred Khoshsegal Delivery Manager Prognosis on BASE24-eps - Rabobank

NACR Video - Prognosis for Unified Communications

NACR's reputation has always been good, but now with Prognosis they are known as a company who can fix problems - fast.

NACR Video: Together NACR & IR deliver increased customer value >

SPS Case Study - Prognosis for Payments

"Now when an issue occurs, we’re not only able to track and rectify it in real time, but we can then go back, replay and learn from the issue to ensure that it doesn’t happen again."

Prognosis gave SPS application-level visibility into their transactions >

TeleTech Case Study

"The new cloud enabled architecture provides our customers with multiple deployment options, independent of whether funded through CAPEX or OPEX."

CSI Case Study - Prognosis for Payments

"I trained an operator in just two days on how to create new custom screens for our monitoring department. Prognosis is very simple to operate."

Prognosis Maximizing Operational Efficiency for Computer Services, Inc >

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Accuvoice, Inc. chose IR’s Contact Center solutions because they needed to validate and test a new Contact Center environment.

Bob Vilsoet, IT Director, Accuvoice, Inc.

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"Prognosis has 'saved the day' for us. Using Prognosis, we were able to identify differences in VoIP routing between two different offices and make the appropriate changes so they functioned the same."

Tony Calkins, Senior Telecommunications Engineer, Acxiom Corporation

Prognosis helps Cabcharge performance manage their payments environment

Cabcharge needed more visibility into the Postilion platform, the application and transactions
Cabcharge Driving Change >

Cegedim Case Study - Prognosis for Unified Communications

"Prognosis helps me ensure my environment performs at peak, while improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the support teams." Dan Maniu, Sr. Telecom Manager, Cegedim
Prognosis fixes Cegedim voice quality problems >

Cerium Networks

“Prognosis acts as the “tie breaker” when different groups state “it’s not my systems issue.” We look at the tool as an agnostic trouble shooter. No politics, it just gets straight to the point and helps us get to issue resolution rapidly."

Chris Clausen, Vice President Technology, Cerium Networks

Evertec Case Study - Prognosis for Payments

"The use of Prognosis has enabled us to identify problems quickly. The ability to react quickly to these situations has helped us improve the quality of our service and differentiate us from other providers." Gil Horta, VP Network Operations

Eze Castle

Eze Castle Integration will use Prognosis’ advanced performance management, alerting, troubleshooting and reporting capabilities to support their outsourcing services  - read more

First Data Video - Prognosis for Payments

“I recommend Prognosis for HP NonStop because it’s the one tool that can look at the system in its entirety, online, in real-time at 10 second intervals and help you trouble shoot efficiently.” Ron Griffin First Data

Watch Video

IR Testing Solutions helps guarantee Fist Hawaiian Banks Call Center

IR Testing Solutions helps guarantee, to the greatest extent possible, that our Call Center system implementations are fully load tested before being released to the customer base. Kevin Johnson, VP & Call Center Manager, First Hawaiian Bank

Goethe-Instituts Logo

Prognosis helped us ensure our network was ready and is continuously optimized for our Skype for business services


Prognosis helps Groupon performance manage their UC Environment.

Handicall logo

Prognosis for UC provides us the insight and capabilities to manage our quality of communications ecosystems

HCL Case Study - Prognosis for Unified Communications

HCL Technologies needed to find a way to efficiently manage their complex unified communications environment.

Prognosis delivers UC troubleshooting, reporting and service level measurement for HCL >

Humana Logo

Humana Inc. increased agent productivity by 40 – 60% since implementing IR’s Contact Center solutions (Prognosis and/or Testing).

Greg Moeck, IT Administrator, Humana Inc.

IGT Logo

IGT improved the efficiency of business processes and achieved consistently better call quality by deploying Prognosis.

Anmol Sharma, Senior IT Manager, IGT

IP Integration Logo

“Without Prognosis we would be struggling to deliver the higher end service that we need to provide.”

Neil Boxer, Chief Technology Officer, IP Integration Ltd.

IT Services Case Study - Prognosis for Infrastructure

"Prognosis alerts us to problems in real time so we can escalate and resolve issues more quickly." Csaba Érsek, Operations Manager 
Prognosis ensured performance of custom applications running on NonStop >

Memorial Health System

Prognosis for UC provides the QoS, capacity planning, inventory and contact center visibility required


“As a technician, Prognosis gives me a better view into our data network and the impact it has on our VoIP users.” Bill Goodwin, Telecommunications Technician III, Maricopa Integrated Health System

Presido - Prognosis for Service Providers

"By integrating with ServiceNow, the deep UC capabilities of Prognosis are extended to a new level of operational support and have paved the way to deliver additional value to our customers." Henry Feusi, Director of Managed Services


"The excellent performance management functionality of Prognosis which goes beyond traditional monitoring is fantastic. It helps us to identify system flaws in our Avaya based Unified Communications Eco System much faster and improve customer satisfaction internally and external."

Norbert Haunschild, Head of Middleware Network & Security Sparda-Datenverarbeitung eG

Sheffield University

We required a solution to monitor voice quality monitoring across ever expanding campus which enabled us to troubleshoot proactively.

Snohomish County PUD

We selected IR to conduct performance testing after review of several offerings. We have been pleased with the service and results. We've used IR for several tests and each time their service has been a crucial element in helping identify issues before they impacted our customers.”Kristi Sterling Sr. Project Manager, Program Management Office - Snohomish County PUD

TD Bank Video - Prognosis for Unified Communications

“We are looking to pull in more information so we can monitor our environment much more effectively. We saw how Prognosis drills down on specific applications specifically for our group for UC communications.” David Cooke TD Bank

TSYS - Prognosis for Unified Communications

"When people pick up a phone, they expect a dial tone every time. And when cardholders present their cards for payment, they expect them to work every time. Prognosis helps us deliver that level of performance to our clients and their customers." Phillip Patrick, Technical Support, TSYS

T-Systems Logo

“Prognosis provides a wide range of functions. Muli-Vendor and System Support. High flexibility with respect to functions and uses.”

Carsten Hegemann, Engineer, T-Systems

Wipro - Prognosis for Unified Communications

"Wipro needed a performance management system that would give them the ability to optimize their client’s Cisco IP telephony system, across an evolving global marketplace."

World Travel Holdings Logo

Prognosis allows us to pinpoint specific problem areas and get them resolved quickly. Real time email alerts keep us informed of issues as they happen, keeping the guess work out of the research. Erik Stallings, End User Support Manager, World Travel Holdings