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Skype for Business

  • Enhanced Skype for Business user experience
    Streamline troubleshooting of Skype for Business calls and conferences spanning multi-vendor environments, reducing time to resolution for complex problems that cause a bad experience and affect productivity.
  • Skype for Business network pre assessment
    Ensure your network is ready for Skype for Business. Use Prognosis network pre assessment to assess, troubleshoot, and repair. Then re assess, troubleshoot, repair and remedy to avoid costly deployment mistakes later.
  • WAP signal strength
    Monitor the last 20 feet with full visibility of Wifi signal strength and call quality to obtain additional insights and arrive at the root cause of problems fast.
  • Extensive reporting
    A completely new set of reports delivers invaluable insight to voice quality, calls and video quality, server performance, adoption and usage of Skype for Business so you can get to the heart of issues fast, resolve problems and make progress towards achieving ROI.


  • Support for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 11.5.
    We ensure we stay in lockstep with our supported vendors and platforms. Today we are the only UC experience and performance management vendor to support Cisco Unified Communications Manager 11.5 as part of Cisco Collaboration System release 11.5
  • Reporting
    Prognosis 11 delivers enhanced reporting to give you the complete picture of your Cisco environment. Reports show call load, calls attempted and completed, throughput by media type, gateway status and performance, and CTI connections.
  • Resolve problems caused by poor change management or fraudulent attempts to access a server.
    We responded to customers’ requests asking for help by inspecting the Cisco audit log revealing who, when and what action they took. This allows users to use Prognosis as a single solution that includes audit log insight.
  • Enhanced SIP trunk monitoring
    We continue to build our SIP picture for Cisco and multi-vendor environments making trunk status and visibility of any routing impacts available through the web interface.


  • Enhanced Avaya Prognosis reports give you insight to completed calls and their quality, trunk group usage, media gateway and modular messaging statistics as well as peak hour DSP usage and Erlang service levels.

    Prognosis has also been enhanced to support stronger MAC algorithms and CBC block ciphers as part of the SSH connections used to gather information from Avaya CS1000.

Contact Center

  • Prognosis Call Recording Assurance is now available with Media Integrity – delivering the capability to go out and validate the physical presence of the recording files on the servers and then validate their audio quality.


  • In response to our customers’ requests Prognosis now supports 2-factor authentication and integration with existing user credentials.

    Prognosis 11 communications are always encrypted and comply with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS 140-2). The option to configure SAML 2.0 is offered in Prognosis 11 with support for ADFS and OpenAM.

Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS 140-2) compliance

  • Prognosis 11 is FIPS 140-2 compliant, conforming with the requirements of the US Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) that provides a standardized approach to security.


  • Prognosis for Payments
    Support for multi-tenant MTS (Money Transfer System)

    A single instance of Prognosis can now be used to monitor multiple Money Transfer Systems instances from ACI running on the same AIX logical platform. This provides support for multi-tenanted MTS environments such as those hosted by ACI on Demand as well as on-premises where multiple environments like development, quality assurance and production are hosted on the same server.
  • Tailored industry views
    If you’re a retailer or mobile payments provider Prognosis 11 provides tailored views designed specifically to match your needs including new technology rollouts like Apple and Samsung Pay, chip cards, terminals and NFC.

    You’ll have visibility into issues such as high decline rates, long response times, drop outs at particular stores, banks, payment processors, cards, terminals and the core payments system itself. You can leverage this functionality to deliver effective custom views of the real-time payment processing elements and stages.


  • Prognosis for Infrastructure
    Prognosis provides upgraded support for operating systems, server models, platforms and technologies from HP, Microsoft, VMware, and Distributed Systems from Linux and UNIX vendors. See the supported platforms document for the complete list.
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Microsoft Gold Partner for Communications
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