Unified Communications

Voice & Video Quality Experience

Manage and optimize voice and video quality across UC networks.

Optimize Voice & Video Quality Experiences with Prognosis

The Prognosis suite of performance management solutions optimizes voice & video quality experiences across unified communications systems, nationally and globally.

Voice Quality

Today with the plethora of technologies we have available you must be able to guarantee voice quality within UC systems to your employees, clients and visitors.

This is because your clients expect you to provide the first class service stipulated in service level agreements, so your need to ensure that voice quality experienced by your clients is both reliable and consistently at a high level.

The Prognosis ROI

European users at global advertising company complaining of consistent voice quality issues, blaming it on US-based UC infrastructure.

Company planned purchase of additional $450K of infrastructure to alleviate European issues.

Prognosis showed users world-wide experiencing same issues, not related to latency, but rather misconfiguration of existing system.

  • Problem
  • $450K PO ready to be sent for European infrastructure
  • Investment would not have resolved issues users were seeing
  • Cost
  • Solution
  • Prognosis solution - Identified misconfiguration of existing system
  • Global infrastructure investment not required
  • Saved

So what can you do to ensure that you meet all of your service level agreements consistently?

Get back to normal, faster

Prognosis provides the ability to intelligently predict problems, prescribe remedies and in some cases automate recovery.

Identify the cause not just the symptoms

Symptoms can be managed with a fix. But that fix won’t necessarily address the cause. Prognosis gives you the ability to drill down deep within your infrastructure to locate, identify and resolve problems.

Stay in touch on the go

Never miss an alert. Mobile access to Prognosis means you’ve got the visibility you need any time, anywhere.