Unified Communications

Voice Quality 360°

Insight beyond the call across all network layers, routers, devices, session border controllers, technologies and applications

Unified Communications Voice Quality

Prognosis Voice Quality 360° gives you the end-to-end voice quality picture.

Track across Session Border Controllers

Track user sessions across SBCs, transforming complex multiple technology ecosystem data into meaningful actionable easy to understand insights using Live Canvas

This reduces the time and energy it takes to resolve problems which is important because bad voice quality leads to frustration, transaction errors and increased call-handling time.

It can also mean you may need to make additional infrastructure investments to resolve them, and to do that you need to know where any investments should be made.

Get insight on the SBCs performance

Without this insight there is no way to locate, identify and resolve voice quality problems; and certainly not in real time before the impact is felt by your staff and customers.

Experience no blind spots in the call path

Prognosis collates voice quality information from PBXs and SBCs and provides the complete picture as it tracks the user experience of each call, through single or multiple SBCs, end to end. Now you have the ability to see deep within your infrastructure so you can locate and identify voice quality or communications problem in real time. If the origin of the problem is outside your network, then Prognosis pinpoints it so you can notify the person who can fix it.

Live Canvas Data Visualization

Live Canvas visualization tool, allows you to customize all VQ360 dashboard and screen views to visualize all information, including monitored systems, applications, and relationships. Dashboards and screen are tailored to specific user roles and needs such as NOC, Executive dashboard, wall status monitor, helpdesk analyst, mobile devices, and more.

Live Canvas

Achieve faster and more focused cross-team collaboration

Prognosis Voice Quality 360° and Live Canvas provides the complete picture and where to look for network and application performance and configuration issues.

All these capabilities help you achieve faster and more focused cross-team collaboration as you can easily share information across teams and achieve more with fewer staff.