Unified Communications

Service Automation

Let Prognosis automate the day to day with Prognosis certified integration with ServiceNow.

Service automation - keeping you in real time

Service automation is an indispensable aspect of effective UC performance management.

Automation of routine processes is an essential part of staying nimble in an environment that increasingly demands real time or near real time responses. It minimizes the number of people doing the same thing day in day out and frees them to work at a more strategic level.

Managing this environment to make sure you attain the highest service levels with continued availability and efficient use of resources, requires a real-time management solution.

Prognosis is such a solution. It can automate common operational tasks to improve productivity, restart processes, execute commands and reduce downtime. The ability to populate ServiceNow brings UC environments to life with Prognosis intelligence available in any ServiceNow application.

Prognosis' deep discovery technologies synchronize with ServiceNow's automated IT service management to populate asset, performance, quality and availability information into a single system of record.

Integrating the deep UC capabilities of Prognosis with ServiceNow adds asset, change and release management, data storage and orchestration for UC data. This provides improved support for IT staff by automating and managing service relationships inside and outside the enterprise, contact center and service provider.

With one data model, one user experience and one workflow engine Prognosis and ServiceNow integration allows IT administrators to select exactly which data is integrated, where it resides within ServiceNow and how often it’s sent.

And you won’t need to worry about Prognosis running away with itself either. It is built to operate efficiently in real time enterprise environments, which means no waiting for batch job compilation or daily reports.

With automation in place, Prognosis can take the load off your hardware and your mind. Not only will it detect problems, it can detect them well before they turn into problems for your customers.