Unified Communications

Real-time Analytics

Predict problems, prescribe remedies and automate recovery.

Real time analytics gives a clear picture faster

Gartner Group’s Real-time Enterprise concept is transforming unified communications performance management.

To remain competitive in customer service, reduce operational risk, increase sales and deliver products to market faster many businesses are embracing the Gartner Group’s idea of Real-time Enterprise (RTE).

This is a way of setting up your business IT that allows you to react to any customer interaction in real or near real-time.

RTE removes the things that can slow down traditional IT and introduces speedier methods of information handling and management. The objective here is not just to make information move swiftly through your organization, but turn it into actionable information along the way.

Prognosis predictive analytics quickly establish the root cause of problems, so you can take rapid corrective action. You can identify trends fast and take steps to stop problems in their tracks.

Groups of related components show you what’s going on, and easily-sharable dashboards provide the insight you need. These help you achieve faster and more focused cross-team collaboration as you can easily share information across teams and achieve more with fewer staff.

Prognosis unites management of the various components of your IT infrastructure as if they were a dynamic and responsive machine. Superior visibility across your business and substituting information bottle necks with information clearways means better information at your fingertips, sooner.

Prognosis connects the dots and gives you a detailed history of trends that trigger intelligent alerts so you can manage the full extent of issues. You can follow the alerts’ blueprint and take action fast by viewing all the elements involved, and the related diagnostic information. Or you can let Prognosis prescribe recovery with predefined action paths for common system problems.

You can even automate commands to run defined recovery procedures.

And because problem prediction, prescription and automation work seamlessly with Prognosis security, you always have control. Only the people and processes you authorize will have access to these autonomic actions.

Get back to normal faster.

After finding the needle in the haystack you’ve got ground to make up.

One of the main benefits of RTE is the ability to make a lot of changes fast. This is also a problem, because if one of those changes causes issues with the system it’s going to take a while to work out which one.

Prognosis helps you reduce recovery time by validating subjective human measurements with objective ones to ensure you’re going in the right direction.

It is vital therefore to have a way of monitoring and managing this complex environment as it’s in a state of flux.

Prognosis can take before and after snapshots of your system when you make a change so you can see exactly what the effects are on performance. Prognosis is easy to use, and adapts and grows with your business.