Unified Communications

Path Insight

Pinpoint where problems are – bad calls, bad paths, bad devices – find them all.

Pulling threads – Prognosis Path Insight untangles complex networks

Performance management of complex unified communications depends on your ability to isolate specific pathways through the network.

You have a voice quality issue, but where? Your network is vast, and composed of different applications and services accumulated from multiple vendors.

It is vital to have a way of monitoring and managing this complex environment.

Correlation is difficult when you have network paths running across applications from a few different vendors. It’s hard to tell how one might be affecting the others.

This can lead to problems going undetected and in turn to expensive outages of essential systems.

For example quality issues on calls that originate from one vendor’s VoIP network and transverse SBCs to another will be difficult to pin down.

The information you need is there but not in a useful form because you cannot see if there is any relationship between performance in one part of the network and problems in another.

It takes longer to convince the right team that a problem originates in their department so it takes longer to find a fix.

Prognosis Path Insight lets you see the route a bad call takes through your network so your team can find the cause of the problem without wasting time on guess work.

It identifies where parts of the network have become idle, redundant or orphaned and not contributing value to the business.

As well as picking up slack, Path Insight also calls time out where things are running too hot.

This is particularly important for avoiding problems with VoIP. Overloaded networks lead to calls failing and dropping out, while poor voice quality increases call handling times.

A call that breaks up every couple of seconds is a useless call and it is important to be able to quickly distinguish between network and application problems.

For example 80% of problems involving Microsoft Lync aren’t to do with Lync itself but the way your UC environment is set up.

Lync admins can be focused on Microsoft server and application issues and don’t speak the same language as people who run networks. This leads to finger pointing and longer resolution times.

Prognosis makes your MS knowledge useful for Lync server UC while allowing your team to build familiarity with one product and one user interface.

You can leverage the knowledge you gain managing one platform to manage others and improve the reach and productivity of support staff.