Unified Communications

Operational Agility

Be nimble. Spot patterns, avoid disruption and keep costs down.

Prognosis Boosts Operational Agility for Unified Communications

The Prognosis suite of performance management solutions intensifies operational agility in a unified communications ecosystem.

How well are you managing to keep your Unified Communications running at peak performance, 24/7? Is your UC really under your control?

If it is, you’re doing a great job! It’s not easy juggling the complex requirements of multiple software applications at the same time as keeping everyone happy.

Some days it seems like all anyone does is search for answers to ongoing problems, which end up taking far too long to fix. Does this sound like a day in your world? If IT staff is constantly running around putting out fires, rather than moving forward with strategic initiatives, then IR Prognosis will help.

And there’s a simple reason for that. Prognosis rediscovers your UC environment, and with its in depth insight boosts your ability to solve problems on the fly, and proactively manage your entire UC network.

It doesn’t matter what the problem is or where it originates, Prognosis can identify the problem, whether it is a software conflict within your own infrastructure, a queue within a session border controller or a downed gateway.

Boost your operational agility with Prognosis

Take the headache out of managing multi-vendor environments.

Simplify managing complex multi-vendor UC environments with one comprehensive view to quickly find the root cause and who’s responsible for fixing it.

Avoid outages that hurt the bottom line.

Proactively manage the performance, capacity and availability of UC environments to prevent interruption to the delivery of normal services.

Be notified of issues before they happen.

Automated alerts predict problems based on past events and spot patterns to avoid repeat failures.

Get back to normal faster.

Prognosis can prescribe recovery with predefined action paths for common system problems. You can even automate commands to run defined recovery procedures and resolve issues quickly through automation.