Unified Communications

Multi-vendor Management

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Intelligent multi-vendor management for UC

Performance management in a multi-vendor unified communications environment is a complex problem with a simple solution.

UC is not a technology but a way of using different technologies such as servers, appliances, VoIP and video together with SIP phones, session border controllers, and virtualization as one system.

An inevitable consequence of this is that you will not acquire every element of your UC environment from the same vendor. In fact, you’ve done well if you get any two parts from the same vendor.

Turning all these parts into a whole that is more than their sum is just the first challenge. You have to keep them working together, and that’s not easy with hardware and applications that were not specifically designed with each other in mind.

It is when things go wrong that this is most obvious. Tracing a problem back to its source is difficult when you have network paths running across applications from a few different vendors. It’s hard to tell how one might be affecting the others.

Worse however is when this causes problem to go undetected and in turn to expensive outages of essential systems.

For example quality issues on calls that originate from one vendor’s VoIP network and transverse SBCs to another will be difficult to pin down. The information you need is there but not in a useful form because you cannot see if there is any relationship between performance in one part of the network and problems in another.

One of the worst fallouts from this is the time it takes to convince the right team that a problem originates in their department. The arguments can start before you’ve even begun to look for a fix.

Prognosis is an integrated management solution for unified communications that creates flexible visualizations of virtual infrastructure in a way that tells you what it means for your business.

It correlates guest, host and application performance to produce performance feedback and alerts in real-time to take the guess work out of the process. This not only means you locate the source of a problem sooner, it means you avoid your teams pointing finger at each other because they can’t point them at the problem!

Prognosis lets you capitalize on the investments you’ve already made and makes them go further.

Voice Quality 360 tracks calls and interactions across all network layers, routers, devices, session border controllers, multi-vendor technologies and applications. This delivers the market’s first and only holistic UC&C performance management capability of human to human and human to machine interactions in real time.