Unified Communications

Live Canvas

Your Data, Your Way

Communicating clearly and effectively about the patterns we find in data is a key to transforming data into meaningful insights which, convey findings, answer questions, drive decisions.

Live Canvas

Live Canvas is a next-generation visualization solution, which allows you to create entirely new dashboard and screen views to visualize any Prognosis information, including monitored systems, applications, and relationships. Dashboards and screens are tailored to specific user groups such as executive dashboards, IT manager views, NOC screens, public wall monitors, helpdesk, etc. Users can bring any screen to life through live data and visual alerts, be it a network diagram, a map of the world, a photo image or more.

When combined with monitoring screen layout ‘mashups’, IR Prognosis provides a highly tailored user experience for any type of user for monitoring all elements for Unified Communications, Contact Center, Payments and Infrastructure ecosystems.

Live Canvas allows you to

  • Turns data into rich, interactive management and monitoring dashboards
  • Visualize data to analyze complex data sets
  • Create visual insights that easily communicate complex data sets
  • Create dashboards to monitor and optimize performance and gain competitive advantage
  • Combined with Voice Quality 360° provides a complete end-to-end picture and where to look for voice issues

Live Canvas World

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