Unified Communications

Intelligent Alerting

Get more from your alerts! One click takes you straight to the root cause.

Prognosis Intelligent Alerting - Manage the routine, and avert the crises

Intelligent alerting is crucial for effective performance management of unified communications.

There’s only one thing worse than not knowing what’s going on, and that’s being inundated with information and still having no idea.

Like dominos, when one falls after another, each triggering its own alert, it takes you further from, not closer to, the source of the problem.

This is not what an alert system should do.

Prognosis intelligent alerts let you know a domino is in danger of falling, as well as if it’s about to fall or in the event of a catastrophe (and they do happen!) that it just fell.

So detecting problems when they happen is not the challenge - your customers will tell you that.

Detecting symptoms that lead to problems is.

For example a server might be nearing capacity. Prognosis predictive analytics will quickly establish the root cause so you can take rapid corrective action. Now you can take steps to stop a problem in its tracks.

Easily-sharable dashboards provide the insight you need which help you achieve faster and more focused cross-team collaboration as you can easily share information across teams and achieve more with fewer staff.

Prognosis can also take action automatically to fix problems and let you know if it has been successful or whether operator intervention is needed.

But Prognosis isn’t just for crisis management. By using real-time alert management systems that automate routine tasks to improve productivity and cut downtime, it helps to keep your Unified Communications running smoothly day-to-day.

Prognosis can take before and after snapshots of your system when you make a change so you can see exactly what the effects are on performance. You’ll also have instant access to performance data in real-time and can export straight to Excel to analyse further and help with report preparation.

Knowing what you system is doing lets you make decisions based on more than guess work and means your team can get on with its real job - doing better things for your business.

The Prognosis ROI

Global bank rolling out large, room-based videos systems across enterprise to reduce travel costs and improve productivity of senior executives. Numerous instances of VP and C-Level Executives going to use Telepresence room only to realize it was down right before a meeting.

Prognosis UC solution: Intelligent Automated Alerts to proactively monitor UC system to ensure it’s ready to use when executive walks in.

  • Problem
  • 80 team members globally manually testing rooms daily
  • 45 minutes to perform health check on all rooms per location
  • $50/hour resource
  • Cost
  • Solution
  • Prognosis solution: Intelligent Automated Alerts
  • Prognosis proactively monitors entire UC system
  • 1 User checking Prognosis Dashboard x10 mins/day
  • Saved