Unified Communications

Faster Resolution Times

Get back to normal faster. Reduce recovery time whether you’re in the office or on the go.

Resolve UC failures faster with Prognosis

Unified communications performance management failures are a time critical event whose impact you can minimize with Prognosis.

No matter how successful you’ve been so far, if your unified communications platform doesn’t let you locate, isolate and resolve problems quickly; then you are going lose business.

Any outage is bad, but the longer the outage, the worse the damage. You could be losing repeat customers and missing out on new business without even knowing it. You could spend weeks trying to find the source of a problem without managing to pin it down.

You are approaching the point where the problem is about to become self sustaining.

Effective performance management of unified communications needs a unified team, but an outage that can’t be fixed fast doesn’t just annoy your customers it can have your team turning on each other.

You need to get a single picture together fast, but each technology comes with its own client interfaces, configuration and administration tools, terminology and user skill requirements.

The complexity of multi-vendor VoIP, UC and legacy infrastructure in unavoidable, but the burden it places on your team isn’t

Prognosis can ease this burden by placing a single pane of glass across the entire multi-vendor UC ecosystem, to deliver insight about each component.

SIP environment problems including one-way or missing audio, trunks dropping intermittently, time-outs registration failures, and poor voice quality caused by high levels of latency, jitter and packet loss can be monitored, alerted and reported on by Prognosis.

No longer do you need to try and find a needle in a haystack; a choice of at-a-glance information in real time, or a historical collection initiated on the fly or summarized from days, weeks or months of data can provide the answers.

Insightful correlation reduces issue correlation times by letting users get to the bottom of things with fewer clicks.

Not only does Prognosis take the burden of locating fault off your team, it lets them make use of their existing skills when problems occur with MS Lync.

Did you know 80% of Lync problem aren’t to do with Lync itself but UC environment set up?

Lync admins often don’t speak the same language as people who run networks. This leads to finger pointing and longer resolution times. Prognosis makes your MS knowledge useful for Lync server UC eliminating another point of tension.

Prognosis has helped more than 200 of these global leading companies to minimize their outages and reduce resolution times across their entire operational organisations.

The Prognosis ROI

A large insurance company maintaining national UC environment with 18 team members. 80% of Mean Time to Repair is Mean Time to Identify / Convince (Gartner).

Prognosis reduces Mean Time to Identify by 90%+ through comprehensive visibility into full UC environment with real-time and historical reports.

  • Problem
  • 18 Team members troubleshooting issues 40% of time
  • $80K fully-loaded cost per employee
  • Cost
  • Solution
  • Prognosis solution - Real-time and historical analytic reports
  • Reduces Mean Time to Identify by +90%
  • Saved