Unified Communications

End-to-end Network Visibility

Control your entire UC environment with in depth insight to UC performance across the entire network.

End to End Network Visibility for Unified Communications

The Prognosis suite of performance management solutions gives you end to end network visibility throughout your unified communications networks.

A common problem in many organizations, is that they continually have problems with end to end visibility in their unified communications systems, specifically in identifying where and why communication issues started.

Even with some of the best troubleshooting processes in place, sometimes you just don’t have the ability to dig down deep enough within your infrastructure to locate the exact source of the problem.

So what happens is that your IT staff spend fruitless hours and days, trying to locate the root cause of the problems, wasting valuable time and money in the process. Not to mention the stress involved in the very real possibility of reneging on your service level agreements, if the problem can’t be fixed within a reasonable amount of time.

That’s where the Prognosis suite of performance management solutions can help, because with Prognosis you can locate, identify and resolve any and all problems anywhere within your unified communications ecosystem. You can truly have end to end network visibility with Prognosis:

Tailored alerts

Once your customized alerts are in place, you will be instantly notified when any of your thresholds have been breached. This ensures that IT staff can immediately respond to communication problems and begin to troubleshoot the issue via Prognosis’s single dashboard, easily accessible on any mobile device.

Fewer outages

Leveraging the thousands of diagnostics available with Prognosis (many previously hidden and unavailable to you), IT staff can dig down deep within your infrastructure to locate, identify and resolve problems in real time, before they impact clients. The monitoring and alert capabilities of Prognosis also allows you to proactively manage your communication systems to head off problems before they even occur.

Improved collaboration

Using Prognosis’s customized dashboards, IT staff can quickly troubleshoot system problems as a team, putting their heads together to fix the problem, instead of banging their heads against the wall in frustration. This creates faster resolution times and fosters positive collaboration amongst staff.

Reduced operating costs

The efficient identification and resolution of network problems saves you both time and money, because you can better allocate staff to tasks that further your goals, instead of putting out endless fires.

The Prognosis suite of performance management solutions provides effective end to end network visibility by giving you the ability to quickly troubleshoot problems within a unified communications environment and to meet all of your service level agreements in a timely manner.