Unified Communications

Effective Conferencing

Correlate conference calls’ paths and the quality of users’ experience.

Effective conferencing for Unified Communication Systems with Prognosis

Prognosis performance management solutions help you achieve effective conferencing by monitoring and managing all the components.

In today’s fast-paced world, where global communications are simply a fact of life, achieving and maintaining efficient and effective conferencing facilities are essential to any successful organization.

Increasing numbers of organizations are decentralizing their operations, requiring remote conferencing and video communications that are fast, efficient and reliable. What this means is that even without a planned approach, many organizations are moving towards UC, out of sheer necessity.

This decentralization is unlikely to reverse, as it’s driven by technology and the subsequent lower costs of maintaining remote communications, while at the same time, nurturing team work and collaboration on a national and international scale.

The problem with monitoring and managing unified communications

UC is an umbrella term that embraces the array of communication devices and software, intrinsic within most organizations today. This less than streamlined approach to communications is simply due to the variety of technological advances within the communications arena, resulting in a piecemeal system of upgrades, hardware and software.

As we all know, making a variety of software applications work well together, when they were not designed to do so, can be challenging. The increasing demand for effective conferencing facilities has simply added more pressure to many cobbled-together unified communication systems.

The solution to monitoring and managing unified communications for effective conferencing

IR Prognosis performance management solutions have been leaders in the corporate world for many years now. Prognosis in one form or another is used by more than 200 of the Fortune 500 companies.

Why is this? Well, it’s because Prognosis provides a performance management solution that gives organizations the power to manage and troubleshoot all of their communication systems in real time, from one dashboard.

It flawlessly integrates with your existing environment and includes all systems and software within its monitoring domain. With Prognosis, your end-to-end user experiences will be fully optimized, regardless of the number of systems or hops a conference call takes, from Avaya, Lync, Cisco or any other UC vendor.

In a nutshell, if your organization uses video conferencing, it’s a safe bet that the Prognosis can enhance your operations, finally giving you the stress free and effective conferencing abilities that your organization requires to stay ahead of the game.