Unified Communications

Capacity Planning

Plan for tomorrow with a picture of today. Understand current demand and future needs.

Optimizing network capacity – find the right balance with Prognosis

Capacity planning is crucial to building Unified Communications that perform and deliver value to your business.

Unified Communications increase the value of the investments you’ve already made in IT infrastructure. These include streamlined end-user and customer communications, the ability to determine others’ availability, reduced latency, lower travel costs thanks to telepresence and hardware savings from virtualization.

These benefits can be lost however if cracks start to appear under the pressures of increased demands.

If you’re simply accessing data, a slow response means you might have to work slower but you can still work. For UC however, there are no slow sessions, just sessions that are good and sessions that aren’t. A call that breaks up every couple of seconds is a useless call. A Presence status update that isn’t reliable is not worth much either.

Capacity planning determines your business’s ability to deliver quality, and that’s what you should aim for. To do that you need to be able to see where existing capacity falls short and where it‘s not being used, so you can optimize it.

Prognosis real-time performance management and comprehensive reporting are crucial to achieving this. Comparing utilization to available capacity means that system designers and architects can build sufficient capacity into systems to future-proof changing business environments while decommissioning or repurposing excess bandwidth and trunk capacity.

This means you avoid having to spend your way out of bandwidth crunches with unnecessary expenditure because you’re able to make the best use of existing capacity.

Prognosis management reports keep stakeholders like CIOs, COOs, service delivery and operations managers in the loop. Forensic replay lets you go back to diagnose problems. Proactive insight gives you the visibility to see where in the network a potential problem is developing and take action before it happens.

The kind of effective capacity planning that can be achieved with the insight Prognosis provides means that you’ll get the full benefit of your investment in unified communications.

Best of all, your greatest talent will not be spending time babysitting your technology, they can get out and do what they should always be doing: building your business.

Prognosis lets you capitalize on the investments you’ve already made and makes them go further.