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Avoid Outages

Identify trends fast and take steps to stop problems in their tracks.

Prevention is better than cure: Avoid expensive outages with Prognosis

Learn how implementing effective UC performance management helps you avoid expensive outages.

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If you’re hit by a UC outage it can also mean a hit to your revenues, operating costs and to the reputation of IT management.

UC needs a unified team, so an outage that can’t be fixed fast doesn’t just affect your customers it can have your team members turning on each other. Clearly, this isn’t something you want - time spent finger pointing is time not spent on problem-solving.

Any outage is bad, but the longer it lasts, the worse the damage.

You could be losing repeat customers and missing out on new business without even knowing it.

It’s a complex problem, but we’ve got a simple solution that works.

Prognosis shows you what’s going on in your UC ecosystem in real time. You can pinpoint faults rapidly and hit problems like capacity overload, poor voice quality, dropped calls and dial tone failure before they hit you and your customers.

You don’t have to deal with problems as they happen if you catch them before they happen. The proactive insight Prognosis gives you shows where in the UC network a problem is developing so you can take action before it strikes.s

Every second you can shorten an outage equals potential revenue and reputation saved, but every outage avoided is potential revenue gained and reputation built.

With Prognosis, you’ll be back in business before you know it. More importantly, you’ll be back dealing with customers before they even know there’s a problem.

And your team members will be pointing fingers right at the problem instead of at each other.

And to avoid an intermittent problem becoming a constant headache forensic replay lets you go back to diagnose problems. It also means you can carry out effective capacity planning and get the full benefit of your unified communications investment.

Best of all, your greatest talent will not be spending time babysitting your technology, they can get out and do what they should always be doing: building your business.

Prognosis lets you capitalize on the investments you’ve already made and makes them go further.

The Prognosis ROI

A large carrier experienced multiple outages in customer service contact center, directly impacting agent productivity. Prognosis prevents outages by proactively alerting on issues before they are service impacting and reducing service-restoration times by 90%+ through faster Mean Time to Identify / Repair.

  • Problem
  • 5,000 Contact Center Agents
  • $30/Hour fully loaded agent cost
  • 3 Outages Annually /
    4 Hours per Outage
  • Cost
  • Solution
  • Prognosis prevents outages by proactively alerting on issues
  • Proactive Intelligent Alerts
  • +90% RMTR
  • Saved