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Voice service management

Focus on the future and let Prognosis manage the present. Integration with ServiceNow brings UC environments to life.

Prognosis Optimizes Voice Management Systems for Service Provider Unified Communications Networks

Service providers know just how important it is to keep voice and UC services running efficiently 24/7. Ensuring you meet every service level agreements can take up a large part of the IT department’s day, and this can be time wasted if you don’t have a proven voice management system in place.

So if you realize that your organization needs to step up to the plate and optimize Unified Communications delivery, here are 13 ways that Prognosis can make your day:

  • Monitors, manages and helps optimize all voice services for unified communications networks.
  • Simplifies your view into your entire network with real-time insight into your infrastructure.
  • Allows you to proactively identify and resolve voice service problems on the fly.
  • Ensures optimized video performance is maintained.
  • Monitors and maintains top level voice quality for your entire network.
  • Notifies you of any dropped calls, so you can find and fix the problem rapidly.
  • Manages and monitors all purpose built devices within your unified communications ecosystem.
  • Ensures service quality of voice management systems 24/7.
  • Shows real-time visualization of in-flight call hops across multiple VoIP platforms.
  • Optimizes IT operations and resources.
  • Monitors all existing and new IT infrastructure from a single point of view.
  • Identifies potential voice service problems and bottlenecks.
  • Minimizes expensive outages.

As a service provider, wouldn’t it be wonderful if your IT department was instantly aware of any problems, anywhere in your entire unified communications networks? What if you could access thousands of diagnostics to quickly identify and resolve problems in real time?

Well, it’s time you investigated Prognosis voice management systems and optimized your voice services and gain an upper hand on the competition.