Service Providers

Predictive analytics for incident prioritization

Identify trends fast and take steps to stop problems in their tracks.

Predictive Analytics for Unified Communications - Utilizing Prognosis Voice Service Solutions

As a service provider resolving voice quality and service incidents, managing client perception is just as important as meeting actual service level agreements.

Because often when a customer calls their service provider, the perception is “nothing is working, and hasn’t been for 15 minutes now.”

As IR Prognosis simplifies managing voice services it allows the support staff or account manager to:

  • Interpret the clients’ perception and uncover the reality. And it’s the reality that gets the invoice paid.
  • Delight the customer as they experience the comfort of knowing that the service provider knows more about what is happening to him than he does.
  • Offer a post mortem on the event once the facts are known
  • Assess what was the real impact
  • Which other devices were impacted
  • Know how long the impact lasted
  • Evaluate how the redundancy architecture worked or failed during the impact.

With a few clicks Prognosis gives you everything you need to monitor, manage and optimize entire voice service networks, in real time. You can improve customer satisfaction with:

  • Customized intelligent alerts so you know the instant problems occur or are about to.
  • Deep diagnostics to identify and resolve voice service problems.
  • Rapid operational insight to minimize resolution times and maximize customer satisfaction.
  • Flawless integration into your existing framework and technologies.
  • Customized reports on availability, faults and performance on one single dashboard, accessible from any mobile device.

With cloud-enabled Prognosis for UC and Service Providers you’ll gain the predictive and prescriptive analytics, and the proactive know-how you need to meet all of your voice service level agreements and take your business to the next level.