Other Payment Vendors

The Prognosis suite of performance management solutions optimizes payment systems for other vendors (non-ACI/FIS), saving you time and money.

Whilst many organizations use ACI and FIS IST/Switch to manage their payments environments, there are many that use other vendors, ones that are more suitable to their needs. The problem is that regardless of the payments system you use, you still need to meet all of your service level agreements and keep your customers happy.

This can sometimes be an unachievable goal, particularly when you always seem to be putting out fires and fixing problems that you didn’t even know existed, until a client calls to complain. Wouldn’t it be nice to be proactive rather than reactive for once? To be able to identify, locate and fix problems before they impact your clients?

Well the Prognosis suite of performance management solutions can give you the power to optimize your entire payments environment, even if you use other venders:

  • Prognosis Financial Transaction Manager: Track all of your payments and transactions in real time on one single screen, easily accessible from any mobile device.
  • Prognosis Transaction Surveillance: Create customized alerts and be notified instantly of suspect transactions, downed links or other threshold breaches occur.
  • Prognosis ATM Incident Manager: Efficiently track ATM service teams, optimize ticket queues and automate many of the ATM management processes.
  • Prognosis ATM Incident Manager Reporting Server: Reduce resource overheads and disk consumption on HP NonStop servers, while significantly improving ATM incident reporting capabilities.
  • Prognosis Managing Server: Designed to complement Prognosis ATM and POS Transaction Managers, allowing you to store and access transaction data on a Windows server.

So if you are ready to take charge of your payments systems, then the Prognosis suite of performance management solutions can give you the step-up you need to gain an upper edge on your competition.