Prognosis for Contact Center

Prognosis for Cisco Contact Center Management

Your Contact Center at full potential.

IR Prognosis a Contact Center management solution for Cisco. The proactive problem solver. Get to your problems before they get to your customers.

Performance Management Solution for Contact Center, Cisco Communications

With Cisco UC in your Contact Center, your goal is to actively connect, communicate and collaborate with your clients and agents in the best possible way.

As part of ongoing customer-client engagement, a Contact Center provides your organization with a central hub for all customer contacts and is essentially the cornerstone of your business. So, ensuring consistent voice quality and reliability of client and agent communications is vital to customer satisfaction and meeting service level agreements.

As no communication system is failure proof, you need the ability to locate, isolate and resolve problems quickly, before they impact your clients. So instead of having your IT department trying to put out fires and locate the source of yet another communications problem let Prognosis put you in front of the curve rather than behind it.

Solution Overview: What can Prognosis do for my Contact Center’s Cisco network?

Prognosis was designed to monitor and manage communication systems within a Cisco framework. It gives you real-time visibility into your communications network, accessing historical data for trend and pattern analysis, freeing up highly skilled staff from basic monitoring duties and keeping your communications systems running 24/7.

Real-time visibility

You can view and monitor all of your communication systems from a unified dash board, in one central location. This means that even if you have a mix of different communications systems, Prognosis give you the ability to view all of them in real time. You’re in a position to immediately track down the source of the problem, using the highly granular and comprehensive information available to you.

And you’re not tied into a single management location. You can also provide management autonomy and redundancy wherever it makes sense.

Proactive insights

As well as in real time, Prognosis provides historical data that gives you the power to find trends and patterns, previously hidden within your systems. Many potential problems can be prevented if they’re caught early enough.

So being able to retrospectively examine your data, allows you to spot these anomalies before they grow into catastrophic problems. This means that you can head off problems before they occur and optimize your environment to ensure consistent quality for all calls.


And your management capabilities don’t stop once you leave your desk or NOC. Prognosis gives you the ability to access your entire Contact Center network from any mobile device. You can be out and about, and still be notified of any problems. And take action.

Outage reduction

The ability to actively monitor and manage your Contact Center’s Cisco communications network means that you can proactively optimize your systems to minimize outages and down time. With Prognosis in place, you gain valuable insight into the current and historical performance of your communications network and have the ability to put in place preventative measures to reduce interrupted Contact Center services.

Prognosis integrates flawlessly into your existing framework and has been designed to optimize communications for Contact Centers, as well as within your business so that all agents and supervisors can optimize communications between each other at the enterprise level as well.

Prudential Case Study - Prognosis for Unified Communications

"It's key for us to be able to look beyond the call itself so I know without doubt whether the issue is inside or outside our network."

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