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Prognosis WebRTC Load and Performance Testing

Ensure your WebRTC contact center interactions work just as you intend and deliver the highest level of service.

  • WebRTC load, performance and availability testing
  • Be confident your solutions perform as intended
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WebRTC is an exciting, disruptive technology designed to make customer interactions with your contact center agents easier than ever. But how can you be confident everything’s working exactly as you intended?

Just like a real customer, Prognosis generates voice, data and video traffic to ensure WebRTC contact center interactions work as intended.

Combined with comprehensive analysis, notification and reporting you can be confident your WebRTC technologies can deliver the capabilities you’ve chosen to extend to your customers through their computers and portable devices.

WebRTC Load and Performance Testing

Prognosis StressTest™ load and performance testing creates tens, hundreds, or even thousands of concurrent interactions that access your system to assess the performance of your WebRTC implementation under varying traffic levels. As a result, you can adjust and calibrate your WebRTC technologies to efficiently deliver the desired customer experience under the expected loads.

Prognosis StressTest™

WebRTC Availability and Performance Monitoring

Prognosis HeartBeat™ availability and performance monitoring service initiates unique WebRTC interactions 24×7. You define whatever time intervals you consider appropriate to confirm your customer-facing systems really are available and performing the way you intend.

Prognosis HeartBeat™

Prognosis WebRTC testing - Top 10

  1. Understand the vital outside-in customer experience
  2. Test end-to-end performance in the production environment.
  3. See step by step response times, results and recordings.
  4. Get real-time issue identification and performance feedback.
  5. Have confidence the solution performs as expected.
  6. Observe customer experience without risking real customer satisfaction
  7. Get actionable data to reduce issue resolution time and cost.
  8. Pro-actively manage cost and risk up front
  9. Achieve your ROI and customer satisfaction objectives.
  10. Control the test process to fit your schedule and time line.