Contact Center Testing Solutions

Automated Feature Function Testing for Contact Centers

Prognosis Automated Feature Function Testing is a comprehensive and repeatable way to test each feature of an IVR application against design documentation throughout its life cycle.

Self-service applications – both interactive voice response and web-based – are extremely efficient channels for providing customers with the information they want whenever they want it.

Provided those applications work right.

And it’s not just the simple (aka “happy”) paths that matter.

It’s all the paths through the apps – every twist & turn, every data combination.

When you deploy a new self-service application, or enhance an existing app, you need to know customers will be able to navigate all those paths or you run the risk they’ll 0-out from frustration, possibly deciding to abandon your brand in the process.

Available either as a licensed product or a managed service delivered by IR Testing Solutions, automated feature function testing verifies that your self-service solution is developed and implemented as intended.

This means you can verify the customer experience delivered without risking real customer satisfaction, and be confident you’re providing the customer service experience you intended.


The benefits

  • Deliver your business case
    Whether you choose to do it yourself or rely on IR’s Testing Solutions team, your design documentation forms the basis for your test case library so you test against the application specification.
  • Resolve issues quicker
    The testing process identifies and tracks errors, logs results in a database and records every call. This helps development quickly identify and resolve issues.
  • Easy regression testing
    Once the test case library is built, regression batches are easy to configure and execute. This can be a big relief for your team as they struggle to keep up with frequent functionality changes.