Contact Center

Visibility across SLAs

Ensure you’re meeting service level agreements, and prove you’ve delivered them when it’s time to invoice.

Increase Visibility Across SLAs with IR Prognosis for Contact Centers

One of the most critical factors in a successful Contact Center is to meet customers’ expectations. Providing them with reliable and efficient customer service is vital to achieving this. To get more smiles you need to ensure your Contact Center is at full potential.

Prognosis gives you visibility over SLA achievement, whether it’s the number of calls that have gone through the system, the quality of those calls or the up-time of Contact Center infrastructure.

To keep your customers happier than your competitors’ and resolve more calls first time Prognosis helps you identify issues before your customers do.

  • Threshold breaches
    Resolve more calls on first contact by ensuring all critical systems are performing as planned.
  • Fix problems on the fly
    Keep a close eye on Contact Center systems to meet your customer performance and service delivery goals.
  • Measure and forecast capacity
    Optimize the performance of your Contact Center by understanding current demands and planning for future needs.
  • Peace of Mind
    Gain peace of mind that you’re recording everything. Ensure the calls you need recorded for legal or business reasons are.

With Prognosis there is less risk and more compliance.