Contact Center

User Call Quality Experience

Make your customers happy. Nip issues in the bud before they affect your conversations.

Optimize User Call Quality Experience with Prognosis Performance Management for Contact Centers

If your business depends on one or more Contact Centers, either as a provider or as the point of contact with your customers, then you understand that a positive user experience is vital.

Without doubt, positive customer interactions are essential to any successful business..

To provide a positive user call quality experience in a Contact Center environment, you need to keep a close eye on Contact Center applications and infrastructure. Prognosis is a performance management solution that gives you the ability to monitor and manage both call and voice quality and Contact Center infrastructure in real time.

Avoid delays and outages that frustrate your customers

Prognosis identifies issues before your customers do. Every interaction you have with them defines and reinforces your brand and reputation for them.

Resolve more calls first time

Ensure the systems that guide call flow and customer interactions are available to agents.

Support your customers’ multi-channel choices

Ensure data base services can populate data into customer contacts so you don’t need to ask them for information you already have.

Keep agents happy

Keep your agents happy and effective by ensuring your technology optimizes their day. Maintain quality and workflow systems designed to maximize experience and effectiveness.

Boost productivity and keep a list on costs.