Contact Center

Rapid Service Availability Restoration

Find the needle in the haystack and minimize recovery time. Validate human measurements with Prognosis to ensure you’re on the right track.

Restore Service Availability Quickly with IR Prognosis for Contact Centers

As a Contact Center, you need the ability to restore service availability quickly. In this example a combination of subjective human and objective computer validated responses, hit the nail on the head together and got a great result.

The Problem

A Contact Center provider was upgrading its VoIP infrastructure when catastrophe struck. All of a sudden it had major problems with voice quality and needed to restore service availability quickly.

Using Prognosis, voice and network engineers and applications specialists all got together.

The solution

The staff built a series of custom screens for the Contact Center to fine tune the process of tracking down the cause of the bad calls. Staff took subjective measurements every fifteen minutes, and the customized screens confirmed the degraded voice quality. Over the next few hours they were able to quarantine specific parts of the voice ecosystem.

As staff changed configurations using Prognosis they could see the changes ‘in flight’ and see the affect their changes had. This process helped to isolate the problem down to a few boards and then cards within individual boards.

The cause of the mayhem

Avoid expensive outages by fixing problems before they spiral out of control, negatively impacting customers and damaging your reputation.