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Remote Agent Monitoring

Get the visibility you need into call quality for remote agents as if they were sitting just down the hall.

Optimize Remote Agent Monitoring in Contact Centers with the Prognosis Performance Management.

As a modern Contact Center you need to move with the times, and expand your capabilities in the best and most cost effective ways possible. One of the most progressive changes Contact Centers have made is to embrace ‘work from home’ agents, where a number of decentralized staff work outside your physical premises.

This is great because you can expand your operations without expanding your footprint and you can draw on extra staff during busy times. The flip side of this is you need to monitor their connections to guarantee the voice quality of calls outside your immediate IT environment.

It can be a problem because you can spend an enormous amount of time trying to locate and fix a problem that isn’t yours to fix. Performance management that gives you the visibility you need into call quality for remote agents, just as if they were based within the Contact Center itself, provides a solution.

Prognosis allows you to rapidly pinpoint exactly where the problem originates and if it’s not within your domain, ensure the right people jump right on it.

Predictive analytics give you a heads up when thresholds will be reached so you can put back up plans in place if bandwidth becomes saturated.

Prognosis gives you both an overview of your entire communications systems as well as the ability to drill down deep into your infrastructure to locate, isolate and fix problems (if they are yours) or pass them over to the appropriate company to fix (if they are not yours).

All of this means that you can optimize your workforce in the best way possible and not have to spend endless amounts of time concerned about remote agent monitoring, because Prognosis has it covered.

Deliver Great Customer Experience with Remote Agents

Presenters: Ken Cook - Contact Center Solution Specialist, Avaya | Brad Bleeck - Territory Manager, IR

Join us for a session to cover how contact centers are able to deliver great customer experience through the use of remote agents.