Contact Center

Real time analytics

Identify trends fast and stop problems in their tracks.

Real Time Analytics for Contact Centers with IR Prognosis

Get to your problems before they get to your customers.

For over 25 years Prognosis has been enriched with the intelligence that comes from being on the front line of the some of the largest companies in the world.

And now you can benefit from this domain knowledge right out of the box. Incident information created securely from years of real-world customer history means Prognosis can predict potential problems before they become issues.

And if problems do occur Prognosis predictive analytics identify what conditions caused them and what else may be impacted.

This gives you a vital heads up that allows you to implement an immediate practical response while you work on a more strategic solution. Business continuity is assured while at the same time relieving the immediate pressure off your teams so they can work objectively rather than in a rush, to get things back up and running. Prognosis Alert Blueprints deliver faster situational awareness right out of the box and give you a rich set of information for troubleshooting. This reduces the mean time to repair which in turn reduces operational costs.

And of course when you receive alerts you have choices. You can follow the alert’s blueprint and take action fast by viewing all the elements involved, and the diagnostic information related to the alert. You can click on a link to the dashboard that’s most relevant to the problem. The alert is configurable to contain links to other sources, run books, troubleshooting guides, intranets and Service Now.

And if you’d like more automation Prognosis can prescribe recovery actions and automate commands for defined system problems. You can modify these or create new ones that are unique to your environment.

And as problem prediction, prescription and automation work seamlessly with Prognosis security, you don’t need to worry about things getting out of hand or running away with themselves.

You always remain in control. Only the people and processes you authorize will have access to these autonomic actions, and you have control over how much data is kept and who sees it.