Contact Center

Multi-Vendor Management

Simplify your world. Unify management of multiple vendors’ technologies. A thousand points of reference; a single point of view.

A Multi-Vendor Performance Management Solution for Contact Centers

Multi-vendor management isn’t easy. Each system comes with its own configuration engine and management interface so trying to juggle voice quality management between multiple vendors, such as Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft Lync or Acme Packet, is far from straightforward.

These systems were not designed to work together. They may co-exist, but when it comes to problem solving, there’s no over-arching performance management solution from any of the vendors that can monitor and manage everything –bringing them all together under one cohesive management umbrella.

Prognosis on the other hand is designed to do just that for Contact Centers. It gives you the power to proactively monitor and manage a diverse variety of applications and vendor platforms, across an array of technologies.

Your Contact Center’s IT department can be alerted instantly to any problem, the moment it occurs, anywhere across your entire network. Prognosis predictive analytics, built on real-world customer experiences over 25 years gives you the ability to locate, isolate and resolve any problem, anywhere, in real time.

How often have you had a problem in voice quality and after days of searching and calling in third parties, found the cause was a conflict between two different applications? Or one application didn’t have priority over another? Prognosis performance management has predictive and prescriptive analytics to access historical data and look for hidden trends, which will identify future problems in the making.

This allows you to head off problems before they impact customers. Optimizing multi-vendor management and meeting your service level agreements has never so easy.