Contact Center

Multi-channel Monitoring

Support multi-channel choices and talk to your customers the way they choose.

Contact Centers: Optimize Multi-Channel Monitoring with IR Prognosis

Today, your customers want to contact you on their terms using their channel of choice. Whether they choose email, voice, Facebook or text, you need to be sure your systems are performing at peak to deliver the best possible experience for them. Of course this makes delivery even more complex, and with more moving parts there is more to go wrong, naturally.

It also doesn’t matter to your customers how they last chose to contact you; they expect you to know all about them next time they call, chat, email or text, use Facebook or fill out a web form.

So multi-channel monitoring is a fact of life today and something that your IT department has to do every second of every single day, 24/7.

Managing the performance of your back office technology ensures that all these systems are able to deliver your customer service goals. But for many Contact Centers the concept of the traditional back office has changed beyond recognition. The evolution of UC ecosystems has led to a fundamental shift in the way call centres can now service their customers’ needs.

But one thing doesn’t change - if the back office fails to deliver, it affects the ability of front line staff to service customers.