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Optimize Call Processing in Contact Centers with the Prognosis Suite of Performance Management Solutions

Optimize Call Processing in Contact Centers with IR Prognosis Performance Management Solutions

As a busy Contact Center, getting calls processed and customer issues resolved is high on your list of priorities. And if back office systems fail to deliver, it affects the ability of front line staff to service customers.

The performance of the infrastructure that supports Contact Center applications and agents’ desktops has a crucial influence on the quality of the customer service they can provide.

But troubleshooting call processing issues is complex and compounded by the many interconnected components and domains the calls span. And these go beyond the actual calls themselves, including across session border controllers and other networks.

Prognosis gives you the insight you need to follow the progress of calls within your network as they cross operational domains. It groups relevant devices into automatically created component groups that show dependencies and impacts, and help reduce finger pointing.

Knowing where a problem lies helps you identify issues quickly and reduces mean time to resolution. This in turn also reduces operational costs as less time is spent resolving problems.

And for multi-channel Contact Centers, insight to the performance and availability of every piece of hardware, interconnection, process and application is invaluable.

It enables you to recognize and address anomalies, with the ability to go to any point in time and identify spikes, hardware failures, trends and deviations.