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Avoid Expensive Outages

Avoid Expensive Outages With The Prognosis Performance Management Suite of Solutions for Contact Centers

Avoid Expensive Outages With Prognosis Performance Management Contact Centers

How many times have you tried to resolve a voice quality problem and either no one knows how to fix it or everyone seems to think it’s someone else’s responsibility, and finger pointing results? As your first priority is to avoid expensive outages, how do you achieve this?

Prognosis is the leading performance management solution that monitors, measures and manages the complex mix of technologies, inherent in all Contact Centers. Prognosis gives you the power to be on top of everything 24/7 and to identify and fix problems as they occur.

Locate problems in real time: Lots of different applications, across many different platforms? No problem. Prognosis rapidly finds the root cause of any problem, anywhere and in real time, so you can keep your systems running and your customers happy.

How IR Prognosis Avoids Outages

Access hidden metrics

Prognosis gives you the ability to drill down deep into your infrastructure to help rapidly identify and resolve voice quality or capacity problems, before they get out of hand.

Predict future problems

Head off issues by accessing historical data and identifying trends or patterns, before they cause untold damage. Prognosis predictive analytics leverage real-world customer incidents collected over 25 years to alert you to the most common problems, right out of the box.

Reduce risks and costs

Avoid expensive outages by fixing problems before they spiral out of control, negatively impacting customers and damaging your reputation.

Keep customers happy

With no voice quality issues and all problems resolved in real time, your customers are happy, your staff are happy and you are happy.

The Prognosis ROI

A large carrier experienced multiple outages in customer service contact center, directly impacting agent productivity. Prognosis prevents outages by proactively alerting on issues before they are service impacting and reducing service-restoration times by 90%+ through faster Mean Time to Identify / Repair.

  • Problem
  • 5,000 Contact Center Agents
  • $30/Hour fully loaded agent cost
  • 3 Outages Annually /
    4 Hours per Outage
  • Cost
  • Solution
  • Prognosis prevents outages by proactively alerting on issues
  • Proactive Intelligent Alerts
  • +90% RMTR
  • Saved