Contact Center

Applications Monitoring

The complex mix of technologies that support the applications your agents depend on delivers reliable, quality customer service.

A Performance Management Solution for Contact Center Applications Monitoring

If you think back a few years, it is amazing how the concept of the traditional Contact Center has changed. With an increasing emphasis on location independence and an abundance of new technologies, communication channels and devices now available, there has been a fundamental shift in the way Contact Centers operate.

Applications monitoring is not what it used to be, but the one thing that never changes is that Contact Centers still need to deliver a reliable service to their customers. For that you need a performance management solution that makes this complex mix of technologies actually work for you, not against you.

Prognosis performance management is the answer:

Reduce risks

  • Optimize the performance and availability of your IT infrastructure by utilizing cloud technology, giving you more flexibility to meet service level agreements and grow your business.
  • Manage your day to day requirements by ensuring optimal voice quality across multiple channels and platforms.
  • Leverage your existing mix of technologies by utilizing server virtualization, giving you a smaller server footprint and simplified disaster recovery procedures.

Reduce costs

  • Optimize operations and resources by monitoring and managing all systems from one single dashboard, accessible from any mobile device.
  • Improve cross-team problem solving by accessing thousands of diagnostic metrics to rapidly identify and resolve problems before they impact customers.
  • Minimize expensive outages by speedy resolutions in real time and streamlining your applications monitoring processes.

Gain insight

  • Know exactly the state of your entire system and networks at anytime, anywhere in real time.
  • Drill down deep into your infrastructure to isolate complex problems and put fixes in place on the fly.
  • Use historical trend analysis for capacity planning and budgeting.