IR Prognosis
Contact Center Solution

Your Contact Center at full potential.

IR Prognosis, a management solution for Contact Centers that keeps systems humming, nips issues in the bud and validate 100% call recording and service guarantees are being met - all in real time.

Customer Experience

More smiles.

Keep your customers happier than your competitors’.
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Resolve more calls first time

Resolve more calls first time.

Identify issues before your customers do.
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Less risk targert

Less risk. More compliance.

Get real-time peace of mind knowing call recording is working..
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Contact Center Solutions

Contact Center Solutions

Identify trends in real time and take action. See your entire Contact Center environment from one point of view. Predict capacity overloads before the cracks start to show. Fast.

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Contact Center platforms

Supported Vendor Platforms

See your entire technology environment from one point of view manage and optimize systems and networks to run their best. IR Prognosis helps you respond to issues faster, so you can prevent outages and get back to doing what you do best.

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Contact Centers for Service Providers

IR Testing Solutions

From design to development, delivery, production and evolution, cloud-based end-to-end, automated testing as a service simulates real time customer interactions at every stage of the communications solution lifecycle. Now you can have the confidence that everything is working as you intended.

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Resource Library

Resource Library

Explore our library of multi-media Contact Center resources for great in-depth coverage of how IR Prognosis for Contact Centers helps you overcome today’s performance management challenges.

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Customer Stories

TeleTech Case Study

"The new cloud enabled architecture provides our customers with multiple deployment options, independent of whether funded through CAPEX or OPEX."

Accuvoice Logo

Accuvoice, Inc. chose IR’s Contact Center solutions because they needed to validate and test a new Contact Center environment.

Bob Vilsoet, IT Director, Accuvoice, Inc.

IR Testing Solutions helps guarantee Fist Hawaiian Banks Call Center

IR Testing Solutions helps guarantee, to the greatest extent possible, that our Call Center system implementations are fully load tested before being released to the customer base. Kevin Johnson, VP & Call Center Manager, First Hawaiian Bank


Prognosis helps Groupon performance manage their UC Environment.

Humana Logo

Humana Inc. increased agent productivity by 40 – 60% since implementing IR’s Contact Center solutions (Prognosis and/or Testing).

Greg Moeck, IT Administrator, Humana Inc.

Contact Center Management Solution

Avoid delays and outages that frustrate your customers

You want to provide a high quality experience, but how do you make an array of network, hardware, software, applications and processes all work in concert?

With IR Prognosis, you have the tools to quickly pinpoint problems across this complex environment, and nip issues in the bud before they affect your customers.

Avoid Expensive Outages >

Resolve more calls first time

Prognosis helps to ensure all your systems keep humming along so you can resolve more calls on first contact. Now you can avoid the delays and costly rework from revisiting issues, and the fallout on customer satisfaction.

User Call Quality Experience >

Support your customers' multi-channel choices

Today, your customers want to contact you on their terms using their channel of choice. Whether they choose to use email, voice, video or text, you can ensure your systems are performing at peak to deliver a better experience.

Multi-channel Monitoring >

Cover your bases with less risk and more compliance

Gain peace of mind that you’re recording the calls you need for legal or business reasons. If recordings fail, they'll be flagged immediately so you can take fast remedial action

Call Recording Assurance >

Keep the promises you make to your customers

Keep a close eye on contact center systems so you can meet your service levels. Maintain call quality and workflow systems no matter how your customers engage with you so you deliver the experience you said you would.

Visibility across SLAs >

Boost productivity and keep a lid on costs

Empower your agents to work faster and smarter by ensuring your technology supports what they need to do. You'll not only have a happier workforce, you'll be able to keep costs in check as you help your people to do more in the day.

Remote Agent Monitoring >

Plan upgrades based on capacity demands

Why put up with guesswork? Now you can strike the right balance between cost and service delivery by monitoring capacity and planning for upgrades to occur at the right time.

Smooth the path to new technologies

Deploying new technology or upgrading existing systems is always a challenge. With IR Prognosis, you can deploy and integrate new technologies with ease. Better still, you can see performance in real time, and review over time. That means you're able to make sure service levels are met, and that you're getting the best return on your investment.