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Prognosis E-Learning

intro imageWhen you or your staff need training delivered at your own pace and without the added costs of travel and accomodation, then Prognosis E-Learning is the practical solution for you.

Prognosis E-Learning is a series of interactive, self-paced learning modules delivered entirely online to help you make the most of your Prognosis investment as soon as possible. Our E-Learning modules are a convenient, flexible and cost-effective way to train new employees, or to increase the skill levels of your existing staff.

Prognosis E-Learning is intended for system operators, operations managers, network administrators and other IT staff who use Prognosis to manage, maintain and monitor high availability systems.

The training consists of two series - Foundation and Intermediate. Each series is divided into short, focused modules which take approximately 20 minutes each to complete.

Each module is designed around a series of learning objectives that the student is quizzed on at the end of the module.

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