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Company profile

intro imageIntegrated Research (ASX:IRI) is a publicly-listed Australian technology company, focused on the development, sales and marketing of its Prognosis performance monitoring software to organizations around the globe.

Company vision
Our vision is to develop solutions and software that provide the insight our customers need to run their business.

We aim to substantially grow the company for the benefit of customers, shareholders and employees. To achieve this we will:

  • Partner with customers worldwide to ensure our products add value by enabling them to solve complex IT problems and gain insight into their business critical infrastructure and applications, 
  • Ensure all relationships with customers, employees and other stakeholders are valued and managed with integrity, and
  • Build a corporate culture that is built around our values of innovation, leadership, teamwork, high performance, and customer engagement. 

Integrated Research's Prognosis product range is a broad suite of monitoring and management software, designed to give an organization’s technical personnel insight into the health and performance of their key computer systems, and the business applications that run on these computers.

Typical business environments where Prognosis is used include:

By using Prognosis, IT support staff are able to quickly identify and resolve problems with their computer or IP telephony systems. This enables companies to improve customer service and to avoid the cost and risk associated with computer outages.

Since Integrated Research was founded in 1988, Prognosis has been sold internationally. Today, we have customers in more than 50 countries, including many of the world’s largest organizations such as stock exchanges, banks, credit card companies, airlines and universities. For more information on our customer base, view clients and testimonials

Prognosis is sold and supported through Integrated Research offices, resellers, and managed service providers. Our corporate headquarters is located in Sydney, Australia with offices in the USA, UK, Germany and Singapore.  All marketing, training, and research and development (R&D) is conducted from the Sydney's office.

Revenue and core strategy
Integrated Research earns its revenue through the sale of upfront license fees for the use of Prognosis software, as well as recurring revenue for software maintenance fees and annual license fees. We have a demonstrated history of high customer retention levels.

The company’s core strategy is to maximize revenue sourced from licensing Prognosis software and software maintenance fees, while using Consulting Services to further extend the reach of Prognosis monitoring and add value to our clients.

Investment in research and development to enhance our existing intellectual property, and develop new intellectual property, is also central to our business. We invest a considerable amount in R&D each year and have a disciplined approach aimed at maximizing return from this investment.

Company highlights:

  • Founded in 1988, publicly listed on the ASX in 2000
  • 160+ employees
  • Offices in USA, UK, Germany, Singapore and Australia
  • Global, direct and channel-driven distribution network
  • Customers in 50+ countries
  • Dominant share of HP NonStop performance monitoring market
  • Solution of choice for large scale single and multi-vendor VoIP and UC deployments
  • Developing as a major solution provider for monitoring large-scale, high- volume payments environments
  • 2013 Avaya DevConnect Technology Partner of the Year

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