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intro imageThere are a number of very good reasons why Prognosis is the number one solution for HP NonStop and Cisco IP Communications, but don't just take our word for it. Find out what our clients and the industry analysts have to say.

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Client testimonials

"Being able to both closely monitor and manage our technology environment in real time allows us to not only ensure dependable and reliable service for our clients, but obtain the most cost-effective use of our systems."
Bob Munson - VP Enterprise Management
Charles Schwab & Co. Inc.

'Prognosis offered an elegant solution that enabled us to seamlessly integrate our NonStop servers and OpenView system and provide us with a single, real-time view of our systems and platforms."
Robert Cline - Vice President of Production Systems
bcgi (Boston Communications Group) 
"We were looking for a user friendly, flexible and configurable product. Prognosis fitted the bill perfectly with its consolidated graphical interface, multi-platform support and the ability to drill-down into systems and application components in real time to determine the root cause of a problem."
Simeon Chuhovski - Head of Real-time Systems
Borica (Bulgaria)

Service provider testimonials

"Prognosis fits in well with our existing global managed services architecture and will extend our capability to manage all of our customers’ IP applications, regardless of whether they are voice or data, in real time."
Grant Allan - Insite Global Service Manager
Dimension Data

"We selected Prognosis for its ability to provide detailed root-cause analysis and customizable automation features, as well as Integrated Research’s commitment as a technology partner and its market leadership."
Phillip Patrick - Director of Technical Support

"As soon as we knew we’d be doing remote support for Mozambique from South Africa, there was no other solution we looked at. We were fortunate in knowing that Prognosis would meet the requirement for a single point of monitoring and systems management for our cross-platform Windows and HP NonStop environment."
Brett Dismore - consultant
Comparex Africa

Analyst testimonials

"The number of vendors offering network and performance management tools has grown considerably, and enterprises and service providers have a host of frameworks and point products to choose from. Prognosis IP telephony Manager is a proven tool to help organizations maximize ROI for IP telephony, and offers real-time monitoring and management required for successful IP telephony implementations."
George Hamilton - Senior Analyst
Yankee Group

"Prognosis can demonstrate a measurable advantage over other solutions. It presents a fault-tolerant, high-availability management solution from a well-established ‘best-of-breed’ vendor."
Tim Grieser - Vice President, Enterprise System Management Software

"EMA interviewed a number of Prognosis customers in order to determine if they had been able to realize rapid time-to-value and low total cost of ownership. In all cases, the answer was an enthusiastic ‘yes’, which leads EMA to recommend Integrated Research solutions to anyone in IT that demands significant, rapid value for their IT investment dollars, at a low total cost."
Mark Ehr - Senior Analyst
Enterprise Management Associates